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Leadership Coaching

Nimble Giants is adept at helping companies and their executives "level up" their performance as organizations scale while preserving and protecting culture.  A member of the C-suite at a rapidly growing small company found himself mired in the day to day and struggling to gain the respect of those around him.   He was a strong cultural leader within the organization, however, the company demanded higher level performance and value from him.  Being the cultural spartan he was, this executive knew he needed to take action or he would not be able to keep up with his growing organization.  Nimble Giants worked with this executive to improve his performance through regular leadership and performance coaching. Today both this C-level executive and the company are in alignment and well matched in their capabilities.

Strategic Initiative Management

Managing initiatives can prove to be overwhelming, even distracting when concepts don't fit neatly into your strategic plan.  Nimble Giants was asked to help a national company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona establish a process that would properly assess a continual stream of initiative requests hatched outside of the organizations strategic planning cycle.  Nimble Giants collaborated with key members of the organization to create a  6 stage initiative management process.  This process enabled the team to champion new ideas, work together to assign proper ownership and prioritize each request.  Providing this team with a mechanism to assess and manage the many ideas they were presented with helped to reduce stress, eliminate  distractions and deliver unplanned work deemed strategic and important.

Product Management Coaching

A service oriented franchisor headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona had a penchant for technology solutions that would help them disrupt their change resistant industry.  The only problem, however, was they struggled to deliver these well intended technology based products on time.  Nimble Giants Consulting partnered with Technology, Operations and Marketing leadership to improve communication, refine process and define ownership resulting in restored trust within the team, stabilized product scope, a 95% reduction of cross departmental rework, and for the first time in their history, the team deployed a technology based product on time with no defects.

Managing for Results

Nimble Giants uses an Agile for Business approach to help high performing teams at all levels within the organization prioritize mission critical work and collaborate effectively while consistently and rapidly delivering value to the organization.  This approach is anchored on the vision and mission of the organziation as well as  the unique capabilities and value drivers each of your teams or departments represent. Nimble Giants has implemented this approach with all of their clients spanning across small, medium and large organizations alike. 

Change Management & Process Adoption

The implementation of good ideas is all  around us in the work place and often times our clients seem to focus on getting these good ideas implemented so they can move to the next important initiative on their long list of to-do's.  However, they later realize that their good idea doesn't seem to stick post implementation.  Nimble Giants has helped companies of all sizes implement expansion plans, business deployment processes, Centers of Excellence, Project Deployment Processes and Tools, and many other strategic projects with one thing in common, we do not treat these projects as events.  Making these projects successful requires proper change management. Nimble Giants uses the Prosci ADKAR model to ensure your projects don't just get done, they get adopted.

Strategic Growth & Process Improvement

A Scottsdale based technology company engaged with Nimble Giants to assess their rapidly expanding internal business operations, global distribution model and supply chain processes.  As a result, this company in partnership with Nimble Giants implemented a more streamlined executive leadership approach that better prepared the organization for growth, illuminated areas for improvement in structure while providing greater capacity for the CEO. Nimble Giant's assessment of the operation also inspired further development of an inventory management process, a dramatic increase in production from their fulfillment warehouse and a more strategic and lucrative global distribution model.